Monday, August 15, 2005

Blah well I am alive. got back from Mesquite for my parents 50th anniversary on Thursday of last week.
Right after I got stomach flu and have been sick all weekend. Max Hardcore and I went to the club Friday night and she got hammered, it was good for her though, I haven’t seen her that drunk for a very long time.
I got sick that night and am just getting over it now.

I went to the meeting up the canyon this weekend and it was cool. It was raining up at Brighton so it was moved down to sugarhouse park but there was a bike race so east high parking lot was used.
We drove up in the rain and hung out a little then headed out to the ball game once the move was proposed.
I was feeling really sick about this time so slept in the car for most of the game.

Sunday I spent in pain from the Fisting Lessons, didn’t get up all day just watched lame TV. Internet is down due to great Comcast so I couldn’t do much on my computer.

I did order a Mod chip for the Play station and am awaiting shipment so i can start on that fun project. Problem is I don’t know any good games on the PS2. Guess I will just have to rent a few, though honestly its mostly for Jesse as the PS just doesn’t hold much interest for me, child sized controls and games that don’t really interest me all that much. It will be fun to solder the chip in at least, though i need to find out the limitations on HDD size.

That’s all for now. I will try and keep this updated better... if we get internet working at home. ;)